Monday, May 7, 2012

Another trip to HESC today. Just missed a torrential downpour with thunder and lightning.
The Little Grebe was actually yesterday by the woodland hide - I'll keep trying to get the perfect profile.

I was alerted about the Hobby yesterday, and saw it flying over the far side of the lake. Today a couple in the near hide spotted this one in a tree over to the right hand side of the hide.

Being a beginner at this game I'm bound to be confused by LBJs. I suspected this might be a Lesser Whitethroat but a chap at the site thought it was a Garden Warbler. I'm happy to believe that. (apparently considered opinion is that it is now a spotted flycatcher) Sounds good to me

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  1. After much perusal of your blog, during a recent Friends meeting, we reckon it's a Spotted Flycatcher. On the FoHESC front, I've tried to send you some info, but haven't got the correct email address, please can you contact me through with the correct one? Regards, Graeme